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Thanks for your order! After you have submitted this order form, please reach out to me on facebook @Flint Creek Pet Products to make contact if you have not already. If you do not have facebook, text works just fine, 4065906200.

IMPORTANT! Please Read! 


*This website is solely for the purpose of showing the products i offer and prices! you cannot pay through this website. Because items are personalized for you only, i need to be able to discuss products BEFORE you order! 


*I do require you to pay for your products BEFORE I get started on them. You may pay through Facebook, Venmo, or Paypal. If you use Paypal you are responsible for the additional fees they charge. If you need another option to pay please let me know.


*You are responsible for shipping costs and i will know that cost after all products are finished. You will pay shipping at that time. i can usually give you an approximate cost but keep in mind that total cost depends on final weight of package and your location. 

*For litter orders (breeder packs or larger orders), I ask for at least 3 weeks notice before your litter is going home/you need your items. The earlier the better! i complete orders in the order i receive them and because it really varies on how many orders I have, time can be limited. I also like to have a week to allow for shipping to you.

My preferred timing is for you to give me a heads up when your puppies/kittens are born and let me know how many you need/genders/go home date. This gives me plenty of time to get them on the schedule and get them out when they are done. 

* There is a one time fee of $20 to turn your logo/kennel or cattery design into a file that we can use for embroidery or for vinyl. I can save this file and use it for all future orders! If you are doing a simple name on your order then this is not necessary. Also if you provide the necessary files, this fee is not necessary. You will be able to confirm that you like the logo digitalization before products are made. When your logo is digitalized we do our best to match it as close as possible. It may need to be altered or simplified a tad to be able to turn into a file we can use. More complex Logos may not be able to be turned into an embroidery file.

*I do not change price for "bulk" orders. you are welcome to order as many items as you want and I will get them done, but because these items are homemade, it doesn't cost me any less to make more. My prices are not priced much more than what the actual supplies to make them cost me and I need to at least cover my expenses. I do offer "breeder packs", which does give a discount when all items involved are purchased. 

*NO RETURNS or refunds after products have been made. Because these products are custom to you and I charge very close to what the supplies cost me, I do not accept returns or refunds after the products have started being made, If there is something wrong with a product or your order, please let me know at that point I can replace it. I do send photos of your products to you before I ship out so make sure you take a good look and let me know if you see something off so I can fix it before I ship it. 

*If you are a new Customer and have a logo, I will have you email it to me and we will discuss turning it into an embroidery file. 

*If you are a new customer and do not have a logo, I can recommend a gal who makes logos and does a great job. Her name is Kourtney Haddix and the easiest thing to do is to text her @4065906700 and let her know I (kaylynn donahue) sent you her way to make a logo. She also makes breeding posters, websites, etc. 

Ways To connect with us!

*Send us a message on Facebook (preferred)

@Flint Creek Pet Products

*Visit our "Contact" page on here to send us a message via this website. 

*Call or text: (406) 590 6200


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